What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing is a fully inclusive advertising product of technology, design, routing, listing and publishing. The purpose of mailing your advertising message is to gain a customer, as well as to build a continuous, profitable relationship with the them. Competition for a customer’s attention is highly competitive in the marketplace.  Information can be delivered by many media outlets such as newspapers, every door direct mail products, TV, brochures, and the world-wide web. The most important part of direct mail marketing is to create first contact with the customer and capture their attention and information. Using a mailing list, the customer is purposely selected to be contaced, provided service, collected payments and continued advertising of offers, products and services.

Direct mail can help your business stand out from other forms of advertising. It is impacting, personal, creative, colorful and it asks for a “call to action”. It is used by banks, large and small corporations, and your neighbor down the street. Direct mail marketing can offer you a highly effective, more efficient way to touch your customer than other mediums. Chase Direct Mail is an all inclusive every door direct mail advertising partner. We work with you to help determine the design, list, and process that will work for your business message and communication.

Contact Chase Direct Mail and ask if a targeted mailing is the best way to promote your product or services.

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