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Target Your Audience With Direct Mail Marketing

What We Do

The sales and marketing experts at Chase Direct Mail will successfully target your audience and increase your company’s presence in the industry.  With a variety of mediums including catalogs, brochures, specialized mailing lists, newsletters, and inserts to name a few, your advertising message is delivered to new and old customers directly through the mail.  The entire process is handled with a quick turnaround and all on the premises.         

Chase Direct Mail can help your advertising message effectively reach your targeted recipients and more quickly respond. Using the most current industry and postal standards, we target your local customers with a purpose-designed marketing message that is not only impacting in print, but delivered right to their mailbox.  We look forward to increasing your client base and creating additional business for you with our effective direct mail techniques.

Direct Response (Mail) systems in print are a mainstay of American Business, accounting for roughly 28 percent of retail conversions. New products abound as local business depends more on print than all other media combined. And direct response mail is a sure bet in reaching large population segments impactfully and cost-effectively. EDDM saturation mailings along selected carrier routes is an example of the low-cost, high-impact way in which to use direct mail. Check out the Community Mega Mailer.


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